miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009

Litterate Translation & Localisation

Finally, I have found a name. It was there, waiting for me, lurking inside the pages of a Latin-Spanish dictionary, and it jumped right at me with perfect timing.

For months I have been preparing everything to go freelance. One of the last and most important steps is a website, of course, but it seemed to be somewhat stuck, since one thing depended on the other... I didn't have a name or logo, so I couldn't find a proper design.

But last Thursday I was at a friend's house when a Latin-Spanish dictionary caught my eye. I had just met with my web designer and had agreed to look for ideas in mythology, culture, etc., so I decided to peruse the book while my friend prepared tea. There was a series of notes on Roman culture, society, art, etc., so I paid special attention for something having to do with literature, communication, or preferably both.

And then I found it. Well, to be frank, I have to say it found me. It was in the middle of other notes: ‘Litterate’, Latin adverb meaning “in clear handwriting”, “literal translation”… and it hit me: ‘That’s the one I want!'

So when I got home I cheked for other companies or references to the word, and finally decided that, from now on, I will bear the professional name of LITTERATE.

How do you like that?

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