miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009

Litterate Translation & Localisation

Finally, I have found a name. It was there, waiting for me, lurking inside the pages of a Latin-Spanish dictionary, and it jumped right at me with perfect timing.

For months I have been preparing everything to go freelance. One of the last and most important steps is a website, of course, but it seemed to be somewhat stuck, since one thing depended on the other... I didn't have a name or logo, so I couldn't find a proper design.

But last Thursday I was at a friend's house when a Latin-Spanish dictionary caught my eye. I had just met with my web designer and had agreed to look for ideas in mythology, culture, etc., so I decided to peruse the book while my friend prepared tea. There was a series of notes on Roman culture, society, art, etc., so I paid special attention for something having to do with literature, communication, or preferably both.

And then I found it. Well, to be frank, I have to say it found me. It was in the middle of other notes: ‘Litterate’, Latin adverb meaning “in clear handwriting”, “literal translation”… and it hit me: ‘That’s the one I want!'

So when I got home I cheked for other companies or references to the word, and finally decided that, from now on, I will bear the professional name of LITTERATE.

How do you like that?

domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

Galician Letters Day

Today is the 'Día das Letras Galegas' (Galician Letters' Day), in which Galician people (Galician speakers or not) celebrate our language and culture. Maybe I have to point out that Galicia is one of the Spanish Autonomous Communities, located in the north-west of the country.

Like every year since 1863, Galicia pays a tribute a personality in the linguistic or literary field, appreciating his/her importance in the evolution and defense of the Galician language.

The date was chosen because of the publication of the first copy of Cantares Gallegos, by Rosalía de Castro, which would mean the beginning of the Rexurdimento (Resurgence) of the Galician language and cultures.

This year the honoree is Ramón Piñeiro López, intellectual and politician who played an important role in the creation and development of gallician movement during the 20thcentury.

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009

What do you do when you lose someone you didn't even know?

What do you do when you lose someone you didn't even know?

I have recently lost someone I really appreciated and whom I expected to meet some day. It's been three years of collaboration and messenger chats about work and about this and that. She was not a translator, but she was the hell of a translator.

Yesterday I heard from a third party that she died last week. I cannot confirm. My only contact to her life was herself. I have her facebook, her msn messenger, her mail. But, of course, she is not there to answer. So I have to believe what I’m told, and to ignore the million questions that pop up in my head: was she sick? She never said. Was she happy? She certainly seemed so, from her cheerful disposition during our conversations. Yet she had problems, like everyone else.

It is a strange situation, you can meet anyone from anywhere, but it is not what we call a relationship in the literal sense. I didn't even know her face, I didn't even ask to see a picture of her. What for? I knew her from her conversation, from her work. That told me more about her than a picture could ever do. I didn't know her face but I think I knew her, at least a little bit. But I do not have a relative to whom I can express my condolences, only the bunch of people who collaborated in a project, and who are as stunned as me.

Lately, usually after a conversation with her, the thought came into my head that I would like to meet her personally. Another continent, an ocean to cross... but she was worth it. Now it will not be possible. I will miss her so much, but she will be around somehow.

It seems stupid, I didn’t even know the woman personally, I never spoke to her or heard her voice... yet I have been crying since I heard about her death. I know I will miss her a lot, we shared so many things.

So I just wanted to air this reflection out there, for all of you who build relationships on the net, for all of you who know that meeting someone in person is no longer an essential thing to build a friendship. Of course, a further step is meeting in person but... sometimes you just do not have the chance.

R.I.P., Ori.